Mashed Potatoes

I LOVE mashed potatoes.  I loved them as a kid and I love them now.  However, without dairy, I haven’t made a great batch of mashed potatoes until now.  If you can have dairy, you can easily use the regular stuff.  These have kept well in the fridge and the consistency has stayed true even several days later.  The large amount of salt makes it taste like restaurant mashed potatoes.  Yum!  We served this with pork loin and a salad.



3 large russet potatoes- washed but with skins on

3-4 T. butter (I used SmartBalance which is non-dairy)

6 oz. sour cream (I used Tofutti’s Better Than Sour Cream which is non-dairy)

2 tsp sea salt or less depending on your tastes

1 tsp parsley, chopped (optional)

optional: sliced green onions for garnish



Cut potatoes into 1/2 to 1 inch chunks.  Put them in a pot and cover with water.  Bring water to a boil and continue to cook until potatoes can easily be pierced with a fork.  Strain out potatoes into a large bowl.  Fold in butter and sour cream so they can melt.  Use a hand mixer to cream the potatoes to the desired texture.  Add salt one teaspoon at a time to taste.  Mix in a parsley.  Top with green onions.


This is my 100th recipe on my blog!


Author: glutenfreeveganish

I eat gluten, dairy, and egg free and want to make food that other people would want to eat too.

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